Toward a Truth and Traditions Party?

By Charlie Keil

We’re considering a name change to the Truth and Traditions Party (TNT).

It’s all about the politics of truth, the facts, the observable evolutionary and devolutionary trends in Nature and in society. Notice Nature gets the big N and society the small s. “small is inevitable” says Rob Hopkins in The Transition Handbook: From oil dependency to local resilience, which echoes Fritz Schumacher’s “small is beautiful” book (1973), which was in turn was built upon Leopold Kohr’s classic but still neglected text, The Breakdown of Nations (1957). The Kohr book points to Traditions and an anthropology of anarchism or relatively leaderless living which is how we humans co-evolved with Nature over 99% of our existence as humans (Humo ludens collaboratus). Post peak oil, peak water, peak everything, we are returning to our true human nature which has always been shaped by local traditions adapting us to very local conditions.

The Truth & Traditions Party aspires to explore “the way” or “path” of this transition from big to small as a practical matter of getting Big Corpstate off our backs.

  • from global to local
  • from alien-nation to local participation
  • from power-over to pleasure-in
  • from killing machinery to non-killing music-dance-dromena-ngoma
  • from war to peace
  • from famine to local food
  • from entropy to sacrament
  • from death trips to life affirmation
  • from corpstate values to family and kingroup tribal values
  • from monoculture to thousands of cultures, genuine diversity
  • from utilitarian to spiritual
  • from addiction-to-perfection to participatory-discrepancies
  • from structure to process
  • from hubris to humility
  • from hierarchy to equality
  • from false pasts/futures to present time
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