Nation’s Mood at Lowest Level in Two Years, Poll Shows

So says The New York Times:

Amid rising gas prices, stubborn unemployment and a cacophonous debate in Washington over the federal government’s ability to meet its future obligations, the poll presents stark evidence that the slow, if unsteady, gains in public confidence earlier this year that a recovery was under way are now all but gone.

Capturing what appears to be an abrupt change in attitude, the survey shows that the number of Americans who think the economy is getting worse has jumped 13 percentage points in just one month.

Not surprising. Obama created expectations of change, and then kicked those expectations in the teeth. And there’s this:

Given the choice of cutting military, Social Security or Medicare spending as a way to reduce the overall budget, 45 percent chose military cuts, compared with those to Social Security (17 percent) or Medicare (21 percent.)

Some guy named Eisenhower, a general and a Republican no less, warned us that military spending would eat away at home and hearth. No one listened then. Is anyone listening now?

THEY keep saying things will get better. And they do, for them, but not for the rest of us. They’re getting better on our backs.

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