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Hey! Come Join the Party at Truth and Traditions (TNT)


Here we are, just around the corner.


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We’ve Moved, and We Have a New Name

We have now become the Truth and Traditions Party, and we’re located at:

Everything from this blog has been moved to the new home, but we’ll keep this blog open awhile to give you a chance to make the move with us.

See you there.


We’re in Transition!

Not just yet, but in a couple of days.

After thinking about it and talking with some folks, Charlie and I decided that the Transition Party USA needs a new name. As we’ve already explained, our basic idea has been to build on the already flourishing Transition movement, which is intensely local, and to been knitting it into a national party. It has become apparent, however, that these thriving local initiatives flourish best without the stress and strain of a national political conversation. Given that, we felt that our use of the name “Transition Party USA” would led to unhelpful confusion and cross-talk as we grew.

So we have decided on a new name: Truth and Traditions Party. Notice the “s” in “traditions.” The mission and message remain the same, to move forward while conserving what is best in our many legacies. We want sustainable energy and economic policies; local growth, control, and initiative; an end to the wastefulness of war; and an end to corporate profiteering.

In a few days we’ll be relocating to a new blog. We’ll post the move on this blog and this blog will remain on the web, but will be inactive. All new material will go on the blog for the Truth and Traditions Party.

See you there.

Bill and Charlie

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Cultural Transmission in Whales

Hannah over at Rplicated Typo:

A new paper in Current Biology, published today has revealed that the songs of Humpbacked Whales are passed through the ocean by mechanisms of cultural transmission.


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Corporate Schools, FAIL

In Salon, testing scandals are rife:

Although the national media appear determined not to notice, similar testing scandals have taken place in New York, Texas, Georgia, California — basically anywhere school funding and/or jobs have been linked directly to multiple-choice testing. Private charter schools as well as public schools, incidentally.

“This is like an education Ponzi scam,” a teacher’s union official told USA Today. “If your test scores improve, you make more money. If not, you get fired. That’s incredibly dangerous.”

We aren’t going to make it to a new world by sending our kids to schools that constantly fail them. Where’s the alternative schooling going to come from?


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If you look up at the header you’ll see a new tab: Conversations. I’m going to use that page to link to conversations that otherwise would get lost in the web shuffle. The first link is to a Facebook conversation Charlie & others had about nukes and  energy.


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The Old Chocolate Factory

grand approach.jpg

When van Leer Chocolates left Jersey City, they left these walls behind.

stairway to heaven, no guitar


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